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Working On Wellness: Why Your Cat Needs Routine Veterinary Care

As a cat owner, you may be less than enthused about transporting your feline friend to their annual wellness exam, especially since they have no illness or disease signs. However, by choosing a Cat Friendly Practice, like Otay Pet Vets, you can guarantee your cat receives the best veterinary experience and care possible. As a certified Cat Friendly Practice, our team is dedicated to elevating feline care by reducing stress and making visits easier for cats and owners alike. When you schedule your cat’s wellness exam, you can rest assured your feline friend is in the excellent hands of our veterinarian, who will handle your pet in a low-stress, fear-free manner.

Routine wellness care is essential for keeping your furry pal happy and healthy, and a certified Cat Friendly Practice takes extra steps to provide the best care for your cat. To highlight the special care we devote to our feline patients, we want to share this story of a nervous kitty’s wellness visit to Otay Pet Vets.

Whisper’s wellness visit

Whisper, a 7-year-old domestic longhair, was hitting the prime of her life. However, her body had other ideas. Whisper was a nervous cat, and did not enjoy leaving her home for any reason, much less to visit Otay Pet Vets for routine wellness visits, and more so when she had health issues. However, she trusts her veterinarian, Dr. Elliott, to treat her with empathy, kindness, and respect, which somewhat alleviates her fear of leaving home. With each gentle, low-stress visit to her Cat Friendly Practice, Whisper has been gaining confidence, and Mrs. Wilson, her owner, is becoming more comfortable bringing in her kitty for routine wellness visits. Let’s listen in on Whisper’s latest preventive care visit.

Dr. Elliott: “Good afternoon, Mrs. Wilson. I’m pleased to see Whisper venturing out of her carrier and exploring our feline-friendly exam room during this visit. She has made such progress in her comfort level and confidence over the years! It also looks like she has made substantial progress in her waistline, judging by her weight gain from last year.”

Mrs. Wilson: “Oh dear! I thought Whisper was growing a thicker coat and was extra fluffy, not chubby!”

Dr. Elliott: “This is a prime example of why we recommend routine wellness exams for our patients. We can monitor their weight, offer diet and nutrition advice, and teach you how to evaluate your cat’s body condition score at home. If Whisper’s weight continues to increase unchecked, she will be at a higher risk for developing diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and some cancers. We’ll send you home with a detailed new diet plan, to ensure she loses those extra pounds safely. While Whisper is here, we’ll run her routine blood work panel, to double check today’s values against her normal baseline results, and ensure her excess weight has not caused an issue with her liver or glucose level.

Although most cats do not enjoy travel, visiting their veterinarian for at least an annual wellness exam is essential for catching disease in its early stages. Cats are marvelously talented at hiding illness, injury, or disease signs, so many pet owners opt to skip preventive care when their cat appears healthy. But, by the time a cat shows definitive illness, it may be too late. In addition to disease-preventing vaccinations, we provide a host of services that will keep your feline friend purring on your lap for many years.”

Dr. Elliott performs a thorough physical exam on Whisper, checking for abnormalities in her heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, ears, eyes, and mouth. The physical exam is the first place to check for clues indicating illness or underlying disease processes. After a comprehensive physical exam, we run a baseline blood panel to obtain Whisper’s normal values depicting organ function, glucose level, and typical red and white blood cell counts. Since Whisper is reaching middle age, we also perform a urinalysis to ensure her kidneys are concentrating urine properly, since chronic renal failure frequently affects older kitties. Once Whisper receives a clean bill of health, Dr. Elliott administers lifestyle-appropriate vaccinations to ward off preventable diseases.

Dr. Elliott: “Cats require as much veterinary care as dogs to remain happy and healthy, and at each of Whisper’s wellness visits, we can offer advice on helping your furry friend live their best life, such as grooming recommendations, at-home dental care tips, and parasite prevention. As Whisper ages, we will tailor her vaccinations, diagnostic testing, and diet plan to fit her changing needs. For example, once Whisper reaches senior status, we will add blood pressure testing and a thyroid panel to her routine diagnostic testing, to monitor her for age-related health issues. We love Whisper, too, and want to ensure she enjoys many more happy years with you. The best way for our team to keep Whisper in tip-top condition is through regular wellness care, and you’re doing a great job staying on top of her preventive care needs, Mrs. Wilson.”

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We love sending pets home with a clean bill of health, because their owners stay on top of their routine wellness care. Nothing is more important for your furry pal’s continued health and happiness than regular preventive care, especially for pets who fail to display illness until they’re seriously sick. With regular wellness care, we can spot disease earlier, granting your kitty easier, more effective treatment or management, and a better quality of life.

Experience the difference a Cat Friendly Practice makes to your feline friend’s emotional and physical well-being. Give us a call to schedule your cat’s wellness visit.