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Here at Otay Pet Vets, we rely heavily on our registered veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants to provide world-class nursing care to our beloved patients. We treasure each and every dedicated veterinary team member, but the second week in October is always a special time of recognition and celebration. This year’s National Veterinary Technician Week is October 11 to 17, and to highlight our incredible team, we’re showing off their skills in each area of our hospital. 

Vet techs tackle tough tartar

Up to 80% of pets have some form of dental disease by age 3, which means comprehensive dental care is essential for your pet’s comfort and health. Fortunately for your pet, our vet tech team is highly skilled at tackling tough tartar, persistent plaque, and a multitude of periodontal problems. Jovito and Michael, who head up our dental care team, are responsible for all aspects of pet dentistry, including pre-anesthetic blood work, dental radiography, surgical monitoring throughout the dental procedure, and thorough cleaning of your pet’s teeth and gums. When your cat or dog visits Otay Pet Vets for a dental procedure, you can rest assured they are in excellent hands, from their initial oral assessment, through dental X-rays, charting, scaling, polishing, and recovery.

Vet techs administer life-saving treatments

When your pet is diagnosed with a serious illness that requires hospitalization, our vet techs are dedicated to providing intensive nursing care to get your furry companion back on their paws. With specialized knowledge covering pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, and correct nursing procedures, our vet techs and assistants, led by Joy and Leslie, provide compassionate and loving care to our patients. If your pet requires hospitalization, our vet techs will perform any number of the following tasks to provide the best care:

  • Place intravenous (IV) catheters
  • Calculate and administer drugs and IV fluids
  • Encourage patients to eat and drink
  • Monitor patients for pain, discomfort, or health status changes
  • Communicate with our veterinarians regarding patient progress
  • Maintain cleanliness and patient hygiene
  • Evaluate patients for pain, nausea, and other issues that need treatment

Our entire team is skilled in caring for our patients, but our treatment manager vet techs are especially talented in world-class nursing care. 

Vet techs monitor anesthesia and assist with surgery

While our veterinarians are focused on performing surgery, our vet techs carefully monitor your pet before, during, and after the procedure. Prior to any anesthetic procedure, our vet techs and assistants, spearheaded by Gwen, our surgical lead, evaluate each pet through a comprehensive physical exam and pre-anesthetic testing. Based on your pet’s results, our vet techs will formulate a customized anesthetic protocol to combat pain and anxiety, while providing smooth induction, maintenance, and recovery periods. Our vet techs will closely monitor your pet during anesthesia to ensure they are warm, pain-free, at the correct anesthetic depth, and as safe as possible from induction through recovery. After surgery, our vet techs will continue monitoring your pet’s health status until they are fully recovered, alert, and ready to return home. 

Vet techs obtain diagnostic test results

Although our veterinarians are highly skilled at performing a thorough physical exam and detecting abnormalities in your pet, diagnostic tests provide more in-depth information about your pet’s health status. Our vet techs understand the ins and outs of each piece of in-house laboratory equipment, and know the samples required for the multitude of tests we can run. If your pet is ill or needs routine diagnostic testing, our vet techs may perform a combination of the following tests:

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Blood chemistry panel
  • Thyroid testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal exam
  • Blood pressure
  • X-rays
  • Ear, skin, and mass cytology
  • Ringworm culture

If your pet requires more specialized testing than we can provide in our hospital, our vet techs will collect and package the appropriate sample, to send to an outside laboratory for further testing. 

As you can see, our veterinary technicians, assistants, client service representatives, and veterinarians form a compassionate, dedicated veterinary team with their sole focus on caring for the pets in the Chula Vista community. Now you have learned about the many skills of our incredibly talented veterinary technicians—and our entire team—at Otay Pet Vets, we invite you to see them in action. Call us to schedule your pet’s next appointment.