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Rabies Vaccination

Does your pet’s rabies vaccine contain mercury?
Hint: If they get it at Otay Pet Vets, nope!

Did you know that the vast majority of veterinarians and virtually all vaccine clinics use rabies vaccines that contain mercury? Thimerosal is a mercury-based compound that is used as a vaccine preservative. In people and animals, mercury toxicity can cause nausea; vomiting; fatigue; difficulty walking; tremors; attention deficit; brain, lung, and kidney damage; and, at higher doses, coma and death. Mercury builds up in the body so the adverse effects of mercury are cumulative over the life of your pet.

Our primary goal is to help you to keep your beloved animal family members as healthy and happy as possible. That’s why we only use mercury-free rabies vaccines at Otay Pet Vets. Regardless of where you get your pets vaccinated, for the health of your pet, please don’t accept any rabies vaccine that contains thimerosal! If the label on the rabies vaccine does not have the designation ‘TF’ for thimerosal-free, then the vaccine contains mercury and should be avoided.