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At Otay Pet Vets, we know how much you care about your furry family members, because we care about them as much. That’s why we’re encouraging you to advocate for your pet’s health all year long. While setting your goals and resolutions is popular at the start of a new year, why not aim to make your pet’s health a priority year-round? Follow our seasonal tips as you head off into an awesome new year with your furry friend.

Spring into pet health and wellness

Symbolizing renewal and rejuvenation, the spring season is an apt time to revamp your pet’s health and wellness. Now is the perfect time to check your pet’s records for their services due in the coming months. If you haven’t done so already, consider making your pet’s annual examination appointment now, so you won’t forget. During your spring cleaning, ensure you check your pet’s medications and preventives, tossing or recycling any expired products. Stock up on new parasite medications, along with ear cleaners and shampoos. Examine your pet’s nail clippers, combs, brushes, collars, and leashes for signs of wear, and replace when necessary. If you don’t already have a pet first aid kit, consider making one in case of a minor emergency. And, while you’re rummaging through your cupboards and cabinets, organize chemicals to ensure they are inaccessible to your pets—in the home and the garage.

Summer means fun for pets and people

What’s not to love about summer fun with your pet? As you get out and about with your pet, be mindful of a few warm weather concerns. Refresh your Fourth of July safety knowledge and read up on pets and heat safety. Refrain from spending too much time outdoors on scorching hot days, and ensure you pack the car with potentially life-saving tools like water, towels, fans, and a thermometer. Since the summer often brings us closer to our friends—both two- and four-legged—your pet may be at an increased risk for infectious diseases, especially if their vaccinations aren’t up to date. If you’re unsure if your pet needs additional vaccinations, contact us. Lastly, learning a new sport or activity with your pet this summer will help keep their mind and body sharp while strengthening your bond—a win-win situation.

Fall carefully into holiday celebrations

When autumn rolls around, you may be planning holiday celebrations and travel. If your pet will be joining any of your parties or voyages, you’ll definitely want to plan ahead. Most airlines have strict rules about flying with pets—and many are getting stricter. Your pet will need some preparation, too, including a health certificate from your Otay Pet veterinarian and familiarization with their transport carrier. Some pets may benefit from certain anti-anxiety medications during travel, which our veterinary team can help with. However, if a holiday party is on the horizon, consider leaving your pet at home. From food hazards to dangerous decorations, fall and winter celebrations may put your pet at risk for toxicities, foreign body ingestion, or other undesirable outcomes.

Winter doesn’t mean pets don’t need protection

Although San Diego winters are mild compared with other areas of the country, you may find yourself spending more time indoors this time of year. But, because your pets aren’t romping around the beaches and forests doesn’t mean they don’t need protection. In fact, Southern Californian pets can suffer from parasite infestations year-round—despite rarely going outside. If you’re considering stopping your pet’s flea, tick, or heartworm prevention program during the winter, you may want to reconsider.

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Another winter woe for our pets—and for many of us—is weight gain. When we head indoors for the season, we tend to exercise less and may put on a few pounds. Combat this common problem by establishing winter weigh-ins with your pet every couple of weeks to ensure you’re both staying on track. When the weather permits, head outside for some fresh air activity with your pets. Whether you enjoy a long hike, a doggy play date, or a game of backyard hide-and-seek, make outdoor time a priority all year long.

Our top priority at Otay Pet Vets is keeping your pets healthy and happy—no matter the season. That’s why we’ve created a specific wellness rewards program for our clients, so you can budget your pet’s expenses while providing them with the best care possible. To boot, a percent of your total bill goes toward our favorite non-profit, the Veterinary Care Foundation, which helps provide needy pets with medical care. What’s not to love? For more information about our wellness rewards program, or keeping your pet healthy year-round, contact our veterinary team.