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Welcome to Otay Pet Vets

We Now See Exotic Animals Too!

Award winning. AAHA accredited. Driven by purpose. This is our vision for a new breed of veterinary practice. Because the love that you share with your pet means everything to you. And that means everything to us. 

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About Otay Pet Vets

Believe in Love

To us, this isn’t just a next level veterinary practice. It’s a vision for how to treat people. It’s a belief in the way that animals touch our lives. And it’s a mission to make a difference in the lives of every pet and person who walks through our doors. When you walk through our doors, you truly become part of our family. We take the time to understand what matters to you. We listen, we care, we love, and we empathize. And, most importantly, we love your pet like our very own. So call us now, and let us make a difference in your life.

If this was my pet, this is what I would do…

It’s the way we think. It’s the way we guide you. And it’s the way we care. We understand what your pet means to you. The laughs, the licks, the moments, the love… it’s priceless. When you look at your pet, you see innocence. You see loyalty. You see pure love. When your pet looks at you, they see a protector. They see their whole world. They see a hero. Here, we’ll help you care for them like one.

Higher. Further. Deeper.

We believe in setting new standards for veterinary medicine. We believe in making gold-standard care accessible to the people and pets of our community. And we believe in helping every pet we see live the longest, happiest life possible. You will see it in the little things, like advanced protocols for safety, the way we are always thinking about your pet’s comfort, and the tools and technology we use to pioneer better patient care. You will see it in the big things, like the trust of our community and our AAHA accreditation. But most of all, you will feel it, in every thing we do, and in every way we care. This is the veterinary partner your family has always deserved.

That here, you and your pet are family. And we’ll make a difference in your life.


To us, caring for your pet like we would our own isn’t just a profession. It is our calling in life. Building a special kind of practice is our life’s work. It drives the way we teach and train our team. It guides the way we adopt technology and advancements in patient care. And it fills every interaction with the people and pets of our community. Because at our core, we share a simple belief…

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